Black Friday 2021, tutti in attesa del 26 Novembre

Black Friday 2021, all looking forward to Nov. 26

History and origins of Black Friday, the world's most beloved shopping day. Read all the trivia and find out about Saveone promotions for November 26, 2021.

Black Friday 2021 will be celebrated on November 26. The shopping day, as every year, will be an opportunity to shop online taking advantage of super deals and discounts. Saveone also has unique surprises in store for its customers, which exceptionally will last the whole month of November. But what are the origins and reasons for Black Friday?

Long lines outside stores. E-commerce targeted by thousands of users at the same time. People of all ages camping out for an entire night outside malls just to get their hands on the object of their desires. Over the years, Black Friday has always known how to put on a show, eventually turning into a truly international event and stretching far beyond the 24-hour perimeter. The shopping day, which originated in the United States, is now practiced all over the world and is considered the official start of Christmas shopping. Few, however, know its origins and the reason for its name.

At the roots of Black Friday

The first Black Friday was organized in 1924 by the Macy's chain of stores. On the Friday following Thanksgiving (a heartfelt North American holiday), a fantastic parade conquered New York City to kick off the Christmas season. Since then, the shopping day became an institution, always falling between late November and early December, precisely the Friday following Thanksgiving (which in the US is celebrated on the fourth or last Thursday of November).

If the start date of this tradition is practically certain, less certain are the origins of the name Black Friday. According to some, the color chosen is that of the ink used by accountants to record business performance. Thanks to crazy shopping Friday, in fact, this would change from red (loss) to black (profit). According to another version, however, to be black would be the mood of all those caught up in the traffic chaos that Black Friday causes.

Black Friday 2021, pandemic does not hold back discounts

In 2020, Black Friday has dressed up on special notes. After difficult months of closure due to Covid-19 and the global pandemic, everyone hoped for a fresh start. Instead, Big Discount Friday happened right on the eve of a tough new lockdown, which lasted until early 2021. The difficulties, however, did not hold back the discounts, and they certainly will not succeed this year either. The worst phase of the crisis now seems to be finally behind us, and people feel like shopping in a carefree way again, looking forward to the future with confidence and having fun. And Black Friday is the best time to satisfy their cravings without too many wallet qualms.

Saveone's initiatives for Black Friday 2021

Saveone, which has always believed in the power of digital, is also gearing up to give its customers a day of exclusive discounts and surprises. In fact, an entire month. Black Friday 2021, in fact, will be preceded by three other Fridays of exceptional promotions: White Friday (Nov. 5), Grey Friday (Nov. 12) and the start of Black Week (Nov. 19). In addition, the time to be able to return purchased products will be extended to 30 days. This means that it will be possible to take advantage of the super discounts to make Christmas gifts. Also because Saveone's online shop is full of solutions for all tastes and budgets, from major gifts to small thoughts.