Espadrillas da uomo, una storia di stile e leggerezza

Espadrilles for men, a story of style and lightness

Espadrilles are footwear with an ancient history but a modern soul. Cool, practical and lightweight, they are perfect for a comfortable and carefree summer outfit
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Espadrilles, the shoes that give freedom and relaxation

Comfortable, practical, lightweight. Espadrilles are the summer footwear par excellence, perfect for pairing with Bermuda shorts and linen shirts to treat yourself to unforgettable evenings by the sea. They have an ancient tradition but an extremely modern heart, which has made them a must-have in men's fashion.

When even a historic global fashion giant like Armani promotes a garment or accessory, it means that that novelty has really managed to break through to the heart of the fashion industry. This is what happened recently to espadrilles, the iconic summer footwear that King Giorgio also included in his men's collection, with the aim of giving men the chance to "recover a way of moving with a casual and relaxed air." A statement that certifies the success of these shoes with a long and fascinating history, capable of embodying all the desire for freedom and freshness that is typical of spring and summer.

At the origins of espadrilles

In the roots of espadrilles there is a dual nature, intersecting France and Spain. Their name, in fact, is French and comes from the Occitan language, spoken in the southern part of France. The term, however, is borrowed from the Catalan espardenya, which indicated shoes made from espart, a Mediterranean plant from which a very strong fiber was extracted, useful for making ropes. And it was in Catalonia and the Basque Country that espadrilles made their fortune, starting out as peasant footwear and becoming, century after century, export style icons, first essentially for women, then also for men. Over time, the designs also multiplied, and today both open and closed types can be found. The first boom in espadrilles occurred in the 1940s, in the United States. They were then brought back in vogue by the TV series Miami Vice, in the 1980s. Finally, since the 2000s, these comfortable and cool footwear have emerged as a must-have summer fashion item.

The proposal of espadrilles signed Saveone

And that is why espadrilles also play a key role in Saveone's spring - summer proposal. Available both in the classic version and in the Athens (more tapered) and Portofino (open in the back) models, they adapt to different needs and give a distinct personality to every outfit. The range of colors and patterns available is wide and ranges from solid colors in pastel shades to stripes in minimal style. A small jewel of made in Italy production, durable and cared for in every detail. Saveone's espadrilles fit perfectly into a fashion proposal that enhances the concepts of freedom and lightheartedness, inspired by the sea and evenings spent at the beach. Paired with Bermuda shorts and a comfortable linen shirt, these fancy footwear are able to project the wearer, instantly, into a dimension made of lightness and fantasy.