Moda mare 2022: i consigli di stile

Swimwear 2022: style tips

The beach is the most sought-after summer destination, and men's wardrobes must adapt, bringing out linen shirts, Bermuda shorts, espadrilles and especially swimsuits.

Swimwear 2022: men's summer wardrobe, between old loves and new trends

Men's beachwear trends 2022 draw the outlines of a man who chooses freshness and practicality without, however, where to give up his personality and style. Swimsuits are absolute protagonists, with their bright colors and patterned prints. Ample space, then, to linen suits, shirts and Bermuda shorts in the lead. With espadrilles on the feet, to close with a touch of vintage originality.

According to the traditional summer survey by Touring, almost 50 percent of Italians will choose the sea as their vacation destination. The beach, therefore, remains the most popular destination. So even the men's wardrobe has to adapt to this trend, making room for fresh, light and fun clothes, perfect to tune in with the relaxing atmosphere of days spent under the sun and evenings spent on the beachfront. But what are the trends in men's beach fashion 2022?

Color and personality, from swimsuits to espadrilles

Judging from the proposals of the major brands, the summer now approaching will be under the banner of a fair balance between novelty and tradition. With only one commandment: dare with style. Starting with swimsuits, which are the real protagonists of the bathing season, whether it's briefs, recommended for tan addicts who can show off a toned physique, or boxers, decidedly more democratic. The advice, in both cases, is to be tempted by looks that are not too shy. The possibilities are many. Those who like unity hues can opt for bright colors, which give sunshine and lightheartedness. On the other hand, for those who are not afraid of fancy solutions, the proposals are really many and all of them are fancy. They range from swimsuits with exotic prints to those with striped or checked patterns, until you land on the very original Saveone boxers, inspired by the majolica tiles of the Amalfi Coast. A little gem of style.

Costumes, however, are not the only garment that allows you to give vent to your personality. In fact, all the other must-haves of men's beach fashion, such as Bermuda shorts, shirts and especially espadrilles, also lend themselves to the game. The famous shoes with a clear vintage taste, in fact, are a perfect element to enrich one's style. Comfortable and lightweight, they are available in numerous variations of colors and patterns, to be combined with looks with a casual flavor but elegant notes.

His majesty linen dominates the collection signed Saveone

And it is precisely espadrilles that represent one of the top items in Saveone's summer collection, which, as usual, is aimed at men who like to combine style and comfort. This is why the brand has chosen to focus heavily on linen, which is perfect for achieving this combination of elegance and practicality. Space, therefore, for shirts made of this cool fabric, echoing all the beauty of evenings at the beach, between cocktails and music. Whether solid color or embellished with graceful patterns, linen shirts allow you to create casual looks with sure charm. The outfit can then be completed by a pair of equally cool Bermuda shorts, also in linen, again available in solid colors, for the more rigorous, or with eye-catching patterns, for those who want to dare a bit. Also interesting is the alternative between the more classic cuts and the more sporty ones, with elastic at the waist. Two different but complementary ways of interpreting masculine charm under the hot August sun.