Andrea Denver, Antonio Moriconi e Andrea Melchiorre sul Lago di Braies per la nuova collezione Saveone

Andrea Denver, Antonio Moriconi and Andrea Melchiorre on Lake Braies for the new Saveone collection

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The picturesque landscape of Lake Braies, in Trentino Alto-Adige, was the setting for the presentation shoot of Wintercoming, Saveone's new fall-winter collection. Exceptional testimonials were the models Andrea Denver, Antonio Moriconi and Andrea Melchiorre. But the real star is the faux leather sheepskin, a must-have garment for 2021.

An alpine lake with a striking emerald green color. A snowy, wild landscape, echoing feelings of strength and purity. The crystalline silence of the Alps, the heart of Trentino Alto-Adige. It's hard to imagine a more evocative backdrop than Lake Braies for the presentation shoot of Saveone's new fall-winter collection, which has elegant faux leather sheepskin as its highlight. Posing against this unique backdrop were two top Italian models, Andrea Denver, Antonio Moriconi and Andrea Melchiorre. The result is shots that capture an almost mystical fusion of man and nature, history and the present, instinct and fashion.

The wonder of Lake Braies, between legend, history and nature.

Dominating beauty. That of a small but powerful body of water that dazzles with its elegance and fascinates with its wealth of stories. Lake Braies is a naturalistic jewel whose history is inextricably intertwined with those of Europe and Italy. At the end of World War II, for example, it was the scene of a crucial episode that marked the last phase of the bloody conflict. It was here, in fact, that, in May 1945, the Allies captured important members of the German armed forces, also freeing a group of distinguished Austrian, French, Greek, Hungarian and Italian prisoners.

The historical and concrete profile of the Lake, however, is intertwined with its legendary origins. According to tradition, in fact, this small basin was created by a population of greedy savages who inhabited the area. The purpose was to prevent "foreign" ranchers from reaching the vast amounts of gold stored in the surrounding mountains. In even earlier times, however, according to mythology, Lake Braies was part of the Fanes Kingdom, whose inhabitants are still said to travel its waters by boat on full moon nights, led by their queen.

Wintercoming, Andrea Denver, Antonio Moriconi and Andrea Melchiorre present the new collection.

This load of fascination explains Saveone's choice: to entrust Lake Braies as the setting for Wintercoming, the fall-winter 2021 collection, the most important of the season. To wear it, Andrea Denver, Antonio Moriconi and Andrea Melchiorre, among the most beloved and sought-after Italian models.

The selection of garments has a classic and timeless taste. From shirts to pants, sweaters to shoes, passing through a wide range of jackets and not forgetting timeless style elements, such as jackets, vests and scarves. Each piece contributes to drawing the outlines of a collection with a fashionable, elegant and versatile flavor. The absolute star, however, is the Eiger sheepskin, which combines sophistication and practicality.